Training at Wallbrook

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Wallbrook Start horses under saddle and help horses with people problems

At Wallbrook we work hard to raise our babies and treat all our horses with the respect they deserve.  There is nothing more rewarding as a breeder to get your babies back to be started under saddle when they are considered ready. 

We only accept one horse at a time to be started, so they get all the attention they require. Each horse is assessed individually and a programme developed to make sure the student is allowed to grow, learn and develop appropriately.  For those that are familiar with Natural horsemanship they are trained to Level 1 PNH and to accept the snaffle.  They will have gone over tarps, through dams, on trail rides and of course ridden in a manner that builds their confidence. The owners are then requested to come and watch the horse being handled and ridden and then they ride their horse a few times before they go home together.

On site visits can also be arranged for those having trouble catching horses, float loading or trimming etc.



Wallbrook Niobe

Niobe was brought to us to be started under saddle as a rising 4yo.  She has grown and developed into a stunning Friesian x Arabian mare.  Niobe was with us for 7 weeks and went extremely well.

Wallbrook Neo

Neo has just arrived.  Here he has been working with Lee for less than an hour.  The pictures speak for themselves!