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These quality horses are a rare find for the discerning breeder, or for those that want an exceptionally well bred horse. 

All foals at Wallbrook are created with care.  A lot of work has gone into selecting our mares and have used three stallions to find which will give us the most superior results.  Our mares love people and are superb to handle, this we believe has a great impression on the foals and certainly makes our babies such wonderful little kids to handle. Mares are maintained and cared for in a manner that helps deliver healthy babies and safe foaling for the dam. 

Once on the ground these babies are handled in such a way that create reliable, responsive and respectful foals.  We have develpoed our own techniques with imprinting to suit each foals personality and that are not over the top and still the the foal be a foal.  All babies are trimmed from 6 weeks of age and are vaccinated and wormed regularly. 

They are handled intensively for the first two weeks (two short sessions per day) and then as they become more curious we extend the session times and teach them to yield from pressure and follow a feel. Before you know it we have babies that lead confidently, walk over tarps, float load and tie up.  You can be assured that we care so much for their safetly and consider it our responsibility to prepare them for the world in the best possible way. 

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on our future stock for sale.  You can reserve a foal from the combination you prefer and we do offer payment plans. Visitors are welcome by appointment to meet the sire and dam and view our facilities.

Discounts may be negotiated for interstate purchasers and some horses transported on the Spirit of Tasmania are eligible for a freight subsidy discount from the state government.

Please feel free to contact Nadeen on 0438-257-288 to discuss our beautiful Friesians for sale!