In Memory of

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In loving memory of our lost Wallbrook babies.

Loosing a foal is devistating, loosing a friend is even more so.  Freja was my little friend and Wallbrook is not the same with her gone.

Freja was born with me holding her little hooves - Freja passed away again with me holding onto her hooves.  My little girl taken way too soon and we have such heavy hearts since loosing her. Love you baby horse - miss you my little Fluffy bubby.

To my beautiful Isis, you were so special, so smart and on your way to your new lovling home.  Such a tragedy to happen after almost a year of loving and being with you.  I think of you both every day and miss you so much.   My heart is different now, a piece missing that is with you.

Their little neigh's I hear no more, their little mow-hawk mane's I cannot touch no more.  Feeling them walk beside me with their warm breath in my ear I cannot feel no more, not seeing their beautiful face's leaves a hole in my heart.


Precious babies taken too soon

I will never forget you.  I will treasure the short time we had together.

My heart aches forever.


Wallbrook Odette

Freja van Wallbrook

Isis van Wallbrook

Renno van Wallbrook

Vader van Wallbrook

Venn van Wallbrook


Rest in peace my babies





Crying tears for Friesians
I’m doing it yet again,
How many times already this year
In two thousand and ten.

Are they so stoic that they do not tell?
Of the pain they are suffering,
How they hide it so well.
Why can’t they tell us sooner
and give us time to save
Is this the secret of the Friesian,
That makes them ever so brave.

In their times of trouble
They give us windows of hope
But, now we really know
That they just want us to see
And give us a memory of
The Friesian they use to be.

We have lost a beautiful mare
Who lines we have none other
A little baby boy is left now with no mother.

Another little man left his mum
A tragic accident took his life,
Another baby boy who fought and fought
But unable to win the fight.

Two young fillies taken way too soon
By the dreaded colic
Both little angles dearly loved
No longer do they neigh nor frolic
And now we say goodbye
to another baby girl
Only days old and already left this world.

I am crying tears for Friesians
To many times this year
We have not yet reach March
And we have all shed a tear.

Love your Friesians people
Treasure every day
Hug them, and adore them
As you just never ever know
When they may go away

By Nadeen. Dedicated to my beautiful Freja who we lost in January 2010, and Isis in December 2011, Renno, Vader & Venn in 2014 and to those that have lost Friesian Friends.