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Our foals mean the world to us so every one is created and cared for with love.


Tieke van't Lansink, Impreza van de Hondshoeve are being bred this coming season.

Stay tuned!



This coming season Tieke van't Lansink was sent to a breeding centre on Victoria to try ET - after several unsuccessful attempts we to Frozen we

bred her to Braggo S via fresh semen.  She produced a lovely embryo which was transferred to a recipient mare but she failed to maintain it.  With the season getting late we bred Tieke to Braggo S and

she is curently in foal to this impressive young stallion.  Foal due December 2016.

Impreza has had a beautiful filly in July 2016 to studbook Stallion Hette 481

Aria has been bred to Friesian Stallion Kai (Ster + Sport) and produced another filly.



Australia's only CROWN + Sport mare Tieke van't Lansink foaled in July a beautiful Filly by studbook stallion Bartele 472 - Currently the only offspring from this stallion in Australia.

Foals due for 2014:

Ster mare Neeltje van Weelde due to Kai (ster + Sport) 

approx due date Nov 25th 2014

Third premuim studbook mare Vanja sucessfully AI'd to Kai (ster + Sport) 

 approx due date Dec 12th 2014



Foaling is all done, Kestrel TK (ster) has had a beautiful colt foal by Studbook stallion Maiko 373. Sadly we lost this superb colt at 5 months of age.

Our Pinto mare Aria has had a gorgeous filly by the magnificent recent imported Friesian Stallion - KAI.  View this superb stallion at 

We are SO impresed with Kai's offspring we will be breeding our mares to him this year. 

Foals due for 2014:

Ster mare Neeltje van Weelde sucessfully AI'd to Kai (ster + Sport)

Third premuim studbook mare Vanja sucessfully AI'd to Kai (ster + Sport)



Breeding season has started well, we have confirmed that Kestrel TK (ster) is in foal to Studbook stallion Maiko 373.  Our Pinto mare Aria has been bred to the magnificent recent imported Friesian Stallion - KAI.  View this superb stallion at 

Our one and only foal for the season was born on the 3rd of December.  SHE (yes!! another filly!!) is out of Neeltje (ster) by Australia's ONLY Studbook stallion Maiko 373.  

Check out Maiko here 



Our imported mare ster mare Neeltje had a beautiful filly to ster stallion import from Holland - Tyrus fan Bosksicht (dec).  She has been named in honour of her sire, who was sadly lost to a tragic accident.  But we welcome Kyrus-Monique van Wallbrook to the world.  She is, to date, the most amazing foal we have bred.  Never before have I witnessed such an superb temperament right from the instant she touched the ground.

Aria had her foal in early December to Tyrus another gorgeous FILLY!! And Vanja had her first foal also to Tyrus (his last ever baby) and yes its another FILLY!!!! 



We are pleased to report that Kestrel TK (ster) has successfully foaled to Hotse DV (ster + sport) via chilled semen.  Hotse is an imported ster stallion with the sports predicate. Kestrel had a beautiful filly.Her name is Isis.

Reimke was bred to imported Gypsy cob stallion 'Red Sam' via chilled semen.  Red Sam is homozygous and we were lucky to get a gorgeous black and white friesian x gypsy filly. 

Mariah has been successfully bred via chilled semen to Ebony Park's imported ster stallion Jorrit.    Mariah has been sold and now resides in Victoria.  We are pleased to report that she had a beautiful filly.

For my first year doing the Artifical insemination I am most pleased at our success and

all the AI work was done at Wallbrook.    



Kyrus-Monique van Wallbrook